Monday, 27 March 2017

Absenteeism: How to keep your members from leaving (before they think about it) : Podcast episode 6

We’ve been podcasting again with Richard Parsons of the Fitness Business Network. For both episodes that we’ve recorded, we tried to keep the length down to 30-40 minutes, but the conversation starts flowing, and this time we’ve put down just over an hour of content for your listening pleasure!

While the first episode we recorded in January focused on engaging with new members, now it’s March, we’re talking about another very topical subject, managing absentees.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

ukactive ActiveLab Live!

We’ve been to a lot of industry events, conferences, and conventions over the last 9 years, but ActiveLab Live! last week at The Crystal in East London was by far the best. It was innovative, engaging, and motivating. Delegates, innovators and speakers were all networking throughout the day, and at the post-event drinks.

Kate Russell (BBC Click) hosted the day, and was a great facilitator, bringing a good balance to the presentations, keynotes and pitches. There was a rousing call to arms from Steve Ward (ukactive) which set up the day really well. The star of the morning was Jonathan MacDonald (Thought Expansion Network)

Friday, 10 March 2017

The Sales & Retention Convention – Spring 2017 edition

We’re excited to announce the final line up and agenda for the next Sales & Retention Convention, which is happening on Tuesday 25th April at the Warwickshire Golf and Country Club.

As with previous events, we will be linking sales and retention processes, and giving you all the tools you need to maximise the membership in your club or clubs. This time around, we’ll be joined by experts in their fields, Jenni McFaull and David Hopkins who will present some fascinating statistics on prospects and mystery visitors. The full agenda is as follows:

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Four Weeks to Quit Quitting - A Summary #FWQQ

To round up the Four Weeks to Quit Quitting series of articles, here's a summary of all 8 tips. Our goal with these posts is to help your members to stick around for longer, and reduce drop-out of new gym joiners, not just in January and February, but throughout the year. 

Click on any title to read the full article.

1. The New Member Challenge

How many new members joined the new member challenge, and how many completed it?

Friday, 24 February 2017

Hands up if you're not here anymore #FWQQ #8

The final part of this Four Weeks to Quit Quitting series is very simple. It’s also pessimistic, but realistic.
By the end of February, some of your January joiners will have quit. They might have to keep paying for a while depending on your Ts&Cs, but they will have stopped coming and probably won’t be back.

It’s difficult to re-engage with these members, but you should try and find out what went wrong. If they won’t return your calls or respond to messages or complete your leavers questionnaire, the only other thing you can do is try to spot a trend. What was their goal, join date, induction instructor, and which class(es) did they attend? Are there any patterns that you can identify and correct in the future?

Click here to read the intro to #FWQQ : Four Weeks to Quit Quitting, or click here to see all the #FWQQ articles

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Can your new members keep it up? #FWQQ #7

We looked at how many visits your new members made in their first month back in tip #2 (What is your club’s minimum FMV?) This identified any slow starters, but there will be members who start well then become demotivated. It’s well worth looking at second month visits too…

So dig out your joiners list from January again near the end of February, and check how many of your members have made a visit in the last week, or the last two weeks. Make a point of contacting the least active new members, see what you can do to help them; do they need more motivation, a pass for a friend, or do they just need to know how to swipe their membership card properly on entry?

Thursday, 16 February 2017

What do your new members think of you? #FWQQ #6

How do you know how well your joining process is working, how your member journey is going, and how you members feel after a week or two? One or two might tell you, and if there’s anything going wrong you might get a complaint. Equally, you might not even hear about it. 

In the UK, we’re not usually very good at complaining, although online reviews are starting to change this. It’s now easier to leave feedback, and if you don’t ask your members for it, you’ll still get it (but just the negative ones!)

A new member’s survey or review is crucial to your member journey. You need to ask you members because this feeds all the feedback into one place where you can measure and monitor it.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Let's Move for a Better World 2017 - how to get 3 Million MOVEs

Technogym’s Let’s Move challenge is back again, running from 13-31 March. You can find all our previous tips & tricks here, but there are a few different prizes this year, and we’ve run some analysis to help you reach your club’s targets.

STOP THE PRESS - Registration deadline extended to Thurs 16th Feb!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Where are your new member’s friends? #FWQQ #5

We’ve looked at some fairly standard (or straightforward) measures of new member engagement so far, with visits, inductions, classes and challenges. Something else that all clubs claim to do (but few actually do well) is asking all new members for a referral. 

When a new member does refer a friend, they are showing that they are engaged and into their new membership. Plus, if their friend joins, they are more likely to stick around longer when they work out together.

There are many channels through which you can get referrals; the 7-day courtesy call, a message in the member communications journey, asking within the induction or welcome session, or providing guest passes in the welcome pack.

Use all methods available to you, and count how many of your new members are referring at least one friend. If you know which methods are working you can work on those more, or look to improve them.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Class As for new members #FWQQ #4

We all know that members who attend classes or group exercise stay longer. This is partially due to the community aspect, but more down to the fixed time, commitment and instructor interaction.
We also know that classes aren’t for everyone, but if you can persuade more members to attend a class, they’ll be more likely to stick around.

So look again at your list of January (or last month’s) joiners, and work out who’s attended at least one class, and who hasn’t. There’s your ClassA KPI; a percentage of new joiners who’ve attended a class, say 60 out of 100, or 60%.

Now contact the other 40 and persuade as many as you can to try a class. One contact (email, sms, call) is rarely enough, so try again a week later, and see how many new members you can ‘convert’ into class attendees.